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Why should you have a pair of sneakers?

There are multiple reasons why we buy a particular pair of kicks. Some people buy it to showcase their love for the sneakers, some like the color scheme, some people have emotions attached to their kicks. Shoe manufacturers make sneakers keeping their fans and their wild expectations in mind. While sneakers don’t come cheap, our love for them overpowers our tendency of going bankrupt. So here are the main reasons why we should have one pair of sneakers in our closet:

Emotional attachment: Many of us have a passion for sneakers and we buy them out of the genuine love we have for them. Some of us even buy one pair of kicks over and over again, because we share an emotional attachment or personal significance with them. It may be the first pair that you bought on your own, a pair in which you attended an important moment of your life or a pair that got you your win in a tournament. Many shoe manufacturers cash on this emotional attachment we share over sneakers.

Exclusivity: We all want owning something that not many people have and nothing would make us prouder than having an exclusive pair of sneakers. While limited edition pairs are expensive we often tend to splurge on them because of their rarity.

History: There are certain pair of shoes that changed the course of sneaker culture and it only makes sense to want to own them. Having such pair adds to your personality, broadens your wardrobe, and makes you a part of the culture.

Comfort: One of the biggest reasons to get yourself a pair of sneakers is the comfort they provide. Sneakers are arguably the most comfortable types of shoes because of their design. Shoe manufacturers put special care when producing such kicks, including providing shock-proof soles, protective outer layer and using lighter materials.

Affordability: To be able to find a pair of shoes that is affordable as well as stylish is a rare feat. If you happen to stumble upon some kicks that are lightweight, modish, and not too hard on your budget, it makes sense to grab them as soon as possible. It is so difficult to pass on a pair that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

Brand loyalty: Some of us are loyal to a single brand of shoes and don’t buy from any other shoe manufacturer. They may like a particular style that the brand offers or their shoes might seem more comfortable to them compared to other brands. Whatever the reason, brand loyalty is a significant reason why some people buy sneakers.

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