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What are safety shoes?

Shoe manufacturers take special care when producing products for industrial and military uses. Often called steel toe cap boots or rigger boots, safety shoes are available in a variety of styles and sizes, depending upon your requirements. For people working outside on construction zones, safety boots with a good sole is the best alternative to go with. On the flip side, if you are someone who works in the kitchen then you should opt for the ones with slip-resistant soles.

Besides serving as a safety feature for people who do technical jobs, safety boots have also been a part of the fashion industry, especially in the skinhead and punk subculture where and industrial look is considered style.

Some of the safety shoe materials include:

Toe cap: While they are often referred to having a steel toe cap, it is not necessarily always the case. Sometimes the toe cap is made out of composite materials such as plastic and aluminium. Since all the safety boots are made for different uses, the materials that they are composed of changes. Shoe manufacturers tend to put different materials in toe cap depending on where it will be used.

Upper: Most of them come with soft and smooth leather uppers instead of manmade materials. Some of the upper materials are also made of textile or synthetic materials such as micro-velour, because of their breathability that allows you to work well in hot conditions. Nevertheless, leather is the most substantial material that offers protection from outside elements.

Lining: Since the lining is in direct contact with the feet, it is important that it is made of material that allows breathability and comfort. Most linings are made of cotton, wool, leather or thermoregulating material.

Insoles: The insole is designed to protect your feet as well as provide comfort and that is why most insoles in safety pieces are made of leather or wool. These materials are sturdy, absorb moisture and dry easily.

Outsole: Mostly, the outsoles of the shoes are made of polyurethane, TPU, or rubber. Make sure you choose the material according to your requirements. Most shoe manufacturers use rubber as the outsole material since it is flexible, comfortable, provides a good fit.

How to buy safety shoes?

When you are buying safety shoes, there are basically four things you need to consider:

Don’t buy bigger shoes: While most people tend to go for bigger size owing to the comfortability factor, it leaves your feet vulnerable to damage and injuries. Make sure you are purchasing the one with the right fit.

Don't rush it: A perfect pair of safety shoes will take some time for you to find. Therefore, don’t be in a rush if you want to find a pair that is best for you. We suggest you make some time before you head on a hunt for your favorite pair and make sure you have a list of things that you want in your safety shoes.

Look for comfort: While most of the pairs you would come across would woo in terms of aesthetic and boldness, the first thing that you should consider before buying them is comfort. No matter how sturdy or stunning it looks from the outside, if it is not comfortable on your feet, it is not worth it.

The heel’s match: Many organisations buy pairs that don’t match the heels, which ends up leading to contrariety. In order to get the pair that fits perfectly, make sure to get the ones that fit your heels.

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